12 Summer-Worthy Desserts That Are Just Under $5

Summer is just around the corner, or at least in California it is. With weather like ours, it’s hard not to crave icy desserts every other day. Here’s a mouth-watering guide to all of our favorite SoCal places with the best $5 desserts.

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Live-action Films Based Off of Shoujo Manga/Anime

If you’re a fan of shoujo manga or anime, then you’re probably a fan of their live-action movie counterparts. Or maybe you prefer the original manga version. Whatever the case, you’ve most likely seen a live-action movie, and to brush you up on what that term means, it’s a Japanese film with real actors/actresses and settings versus an animated adaption. Over the years, live-action movies that are based off of shoujo manga or anime have  become increasingly popular, and there are usually a handful of them premiering every year. Unfortunately, only those who live in Japan can actually see these films in theaters, and until the films come out on DVD for order, international folks will have to wait a while to see them. In the mean time, for those of you who want to find out which shoujo manga or anime have turned into live-action films, look no further. Below you will discover which ones have been released or will release in the upcoming year.

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Now You See Him, Now You Don’t: Meet Rexford Pham, a Young Street Magician

“The closer you are, the less you’ll actually see.” –Daniel Atlas

Pick a card. Look at it, but don’t show me. Okay now, remember it, and put it back in the deck. (Your card is the Jack of Diamonds.) Shuffle it, as many times as you want. Now I’m going to draw your card on my arm with a sharpie.

Is your card the Ace of Hearts?


Now wait, wait, wait, I’m not finished with my drawing. You know that trick where the magician makes a card rise out of the deck? Now I’m going to draw a deck out of that Ace of Hearts card so it looks like one of those 3D boxes you used to always doodle back in elementary school. And then I’m going to shake my arm until…

Until your Jack of Diamonds rises out of the deck of cards.

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Stages of Writing an Essay the Night Before It’s Due

Let’s face it: priorities are hard to handle.

Whether or not you enjoy writing essays, you have most likely left those papers unwritten until the night before it’s due. If you frequently do this, then you truly encompass the word “Procrastinator.” Essays are different from tests for obvious reasons. You can’t just study what’s already given; everything comes from your head. Essays are lengthier, and the amount of effort you put in greatly shows from the grade you receive from the teacher/professor. However, most of us have probably b.s.’d our papers and managed to get good grades — well done, lucky ones. But, the process of writing an essay under a strict time limit has affected us all. There are stages, and by the final stage, when you submit that paper online or in class, you will probably feel (and look) like you just survived an apocalypse.

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4 Spiffin’ Breakfast Foods to Try in Orange County

Breakfast is the best and most important meal of the day, or so they say…

This is a guide to the most spiffin’ breakfast and brunch places in Orange County. Don’t miss out on these!

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What It’s Like To Be A Foodie

Every time you go out to eat with a group of friends there is always that one horrid person who has to make everybody wait as they snap a million photos of all your food. No, you may not take a fry — it would displace the balance of the whole plate. And no, you may not even take a sip of your latte because it would ruin the art. For many, these rules may come off as ridiculous but to the foodie, they mean everything. Here are 11 habits that every Foodie has: Continue reading What It’s Like To Be A Foodie

Ways to Declutter Your Mind

Stress has become a word that is easy to throw around nowadays. Too much homework? Stress. Too many deadlines? Stress. No food in the fridge? Stress. Whether you are a student, an employee, or a parent, there are bound to be stressful moments that temporarily block your path toward a happier life. Different people handle stress in different ways — not everyone is the same. If you can handle your stress pretty well, then maybe you can gloss over these helpful tips in relieving stress and see if you’ve been doing any of these to maintain a stress-free life. But if you are someone who lets stress push you over the cliff, then you will definitely want to keep reading.

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