What It’s Like To Be A Foodie

Every time you go out to eat with a group of friends there is always that one horrid person who has to make everybody wait as they snap a million photos of all your food. No, you may not take a fry — it would displace the balance of the whole plate. And no, you may not even take a sip of your latte because it would ruin the art. For many, these rules may come off as ridiculous but to the foodie, they mean everything. Here are 11 habits that every Foodie has:

1. Rearranging everything on the table in a seemingly candid manner, but otherwise in a very orderly way.

Photo by @foodwithmichel via Instagram

As a Foodie, one has to make sure that each plate is spaced out evenly and that the drinks are also within view. Napkins and utensils are just as important. They are either placed right beside the food, or used by stand-in hand models in order to engage with said food.

2. A desperate need to visit every new, hype place within an infinite radius.

Let’s face it — a Foodie has no boundaries. As long as the restaurant has nice natural lighting and aesthetically good-looking food, they will be there (if they can help it).

3. An Instagram account that is at least 90% made up of mouth-watering pictures of food.

When you’re stuck on what to eat, it’s not really a problem because all you have to do is pull up your local Foodie friend’s Instagram and scroll through all the beautiful pictures until you feel like you crave something. Truth be told, it usually doesn’t take long to decide.

4. Hundreds of places bookmarked on Yelp.

But what if the Foodies themselves don’t know what to eat? Sometimes just looking at other Foodies’ Instagrams is not enough to get their stomachs growling, so they have to resort to their personal bucket list: Yelp. Every Foodie knows that simply Yelping “food” will not be enough to find the perfect restaurant — there’s definitely more to it than that. But even after endless scrolling and keywords, Yelp is pretty much useless to them except for addresses and business hours. That’s why every Foodie has a secret stash of restaurants they have yet to try, but don’t expect them to share that with you unless, of course, you are planning to bring them out to eat with you.

5. Owning nothing less than an iPhone 6.

In order to get that perfect picture, a Foodie needs the perfect camera. Granted, carrying a DSLR everywhere is not out of the question, so by all means, do it for the quality. However, having a good phone camera is ideal because Foodies need to edit and upload the photo easily and quickly.

6. Having at least 2-3 photo editing apps. Frame apps don’t count.

Usually Afterlight is one of them, or VSCO Cam because it’s free. Regardless of what app, no Foodie will post a photo without adjusting the lighting of the photo somehow and increasing some of that saturation in order to get the perfectly glossy photo for their Insta. Filters? Never. They ruin the quality of the photo. But clarity, brightness, contrast, exposure, sharpening, saturation, and vignette are okay.

7. Having multiple pictures of one plate of food.

In every Foodie’s phone there will be at least fifteen different photos of the same exact plate of food at the same exact angle, whether it’s up-close or from above. Each one will have only a millimeter of a difference between them that normal people wouldn’t notice — but the Foodie will — and they will do everything in their power to fit their food perfectly into the camera frame. Afterward, they will discard all the unwanted photos and keep only one. Maybe two, but only for another round of elimination.

8. Standing up to get the perfect aerial view.

Photo by CynEats.com

This is no joke. Many times the Foodie will get stares from people, but they don’t care. They are absolutely shameless. Foodies will do anything to get the perfect shot of their food.

9. Eating cold food and melted ice cream.

Foodies normally don’t mind eating cold food or melted ice cream because…well, it’s for the sake of the photo! It’s always for the photo. Just don’t mind them — they know what they are doing.

10. Snapchat stories consisting of food.

This usually pisses you off because, while you are sitting at home eating leftovers, your Foodie friend has over 60 seconds of pure food porn on their Snapchat story. And the worst part is, it’s all happening in real-time. Please stop it — leftovers already taste like sawdust.

11. Getting texts from friends asking “What’s a good restaurant you can recommend?” And responding with “Is it for lunch or dinner? Fast-food or pricey? Boba or snacks? What area?”

First, you’ll get an eye roll because Yelp is always an option and yet you are just too lazy to search anything up yourself. Foodies know it, so if you’re planning to ask them what you should eat, make sure you let them know where you are at and how much money you are planning to spend at the very least. It’s hard for them to help you out if you don’t at least narrow down the city you are in. Otherwise, you are just going to get a list of faraway places and they will be even less helpful than Yelp.

All in all, you shouldn’t underestimate the Foodie. They are completely shameless and will make you overspend your bank account.


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Lokistar is an aspiring journalist, YA author, and ultimate foodie who loves quirky things like frogs, bubble tea, Narnia, and anything matcha related. She likes to go out on food adventures and sleeps before midnight everyday. Her obsession with frog merchandise may seem overwhelming at first, but once you get used to the fact, you may start to see the appeal in frogs yourself. It would be interesting to get to know her. You can email her at tokyoramenhousepress.gmail.com She hopes to meet you soon!

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