What It’s Like To Be A Foodie

Every time you go out to eat with a group of friends there is always that one horrid person who has to make everybody wait as they snap a million photos of all your food. No, you may not take a fry — it would displaceĀ the balance of the whole plate. And no, you may not even take a sip of your latte because it would ruin the art. For many, these rules may come off as ridiculous but to the foodie, they meanĀ everything. Here are 11 habits that every Foodie has: Continue reading What It’s Like To Be A Foodie


Ways to Declutter Your Mind

Stress has become a word that is easy to throw around nowadays. Too much homework? Stress. Too many deadlines? Stress. No food in the fridge? Stress. Whether you are a student, an employee, or a parent, there are bound to be stressful moments that temporarily block your path toward a happier life. Different people handle stress in different ways — not everyone is the same. If you can handle your stress pretty well, then maybe you can gloss over these helpful tips in relieving stress and see if you’ve been doing any of these to maintain a stress-free life. But if you are someone who lets stress push you over the cliff, then you will definitely want to keep reading.

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