An Untold Story

Everyone has a story to tell – you just have to find someone who’s willing to share. Most of the time, the stories that are left untold are the ones worth hearing about. These kinds of stories hold world-shattering secrets, guilty crimes, and unspeakable desires. For these reasons, many of us are not granted an audience for those stories. We’re left with the same, generative conflict or plot that doesn’t have its own voice even though it’s a story.

So, how can we search for an untold story? Do we force it out of someone, squeeze our way into his or her lives so we become a part of it, or hope for a miracle? Well, believe it or not, everyone is connected in some way. Our stories interact with each other. What if we can hear about an untold story through other people’s stories that coexist with it? Then that changes everything.

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