Epic BGM Playlist: Study Grind

Midterms, finals, repeat — this is the endless cycle most college students go through during their undergraduate studies and studying has never gotten more intense. Many people have different ways of studying whether that’s in silence or with subtle music playing in the background. There are also people who don’t even listen to music subtly while studying, but blast it full volume so that they can block out other unnecessary and distracting noises. If it comes to playing music while you study, which can range from classical music to ambient sounds, listening to these can either make you fall asleep as you study or feel completely unmotivated, which leads to procrastination. So what’s a solution to this lack of wanting to study? Two words: epic music.

Epic music has many different meanings, but generally it is music that instills inspiration or motivation because it’s powerful and is full of sounds that make you feel like acing that Physics or Bio midterm/final can actually become a reality. It takes you to another world, and you’ll feel like you’re no longer sitting in your room or at the library with your face planted inside a textbook. Listening to epic music as you study or write an essay, can bring out hidden abilities you never thought you could possess, or maybe that’s because you’re twenty minutes away from turning in that essay before the due date. Whatever the case, this epic BGM playlist serves to empower your studies and help you get through that midterm/final cycle because once that’s done, you can conquer anything like the epic-ness this playlist makes you feel.

Beyond Limits – Brand X Music


Human Legacy – Ivan Torrent


Icarus – Ivan Torrent


Archangel – Two Steps From Hell


Night/Cave Battle (Final Fantasy XV) – Yoko Shimomura 


MKAlieZ (Aldnoah.Zero) – Hiroyuki Sawano


A Song of Storm and Fire (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles) – Yuki Kajiura 


Overture (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) – Twilight Symphony 


Time Has Come – Thunderstep Music


Luminous Sword (Sword Art Online) – Yuki Kajiura


Apotheosis – Audiomachine


Evermore – Fired Earth Music


Ascension + Descension (Black Bullet) – Shiro Sagisu


Passion [Orchestra/Instrumental] (Kingdom Hearts II) – Utada Hikaru (arrangement by Kaoru Wada)


Crimson Blitz ~ Battle Theme (Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns) – Daisuke Watanabe


Strength of a Thousand Men – Two Steps From Hell


Ezio’s Family (Assassin’s Creed II) – Jesper Kyd


Attack on Titan (Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin) – Hiroyuki Sawano


Rise (The Dark Knight Rises) – Hans Zimmer


Legacies – Killer Tracks


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An ambitious and geeky writer, sakefairy dedicates most of her time on her laptop with endless ideas and a vast imagination to propel her. She loves to read fantasy, sci-fi, and YA novels and she definitely loves writing in those genres. You can find her playing video games on the PS4 or at an arcade, going on foodie adventures, and frolicking around in hipster areas. She does not drink sake. But the fairy part is debatable.

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