12 Summer-Worthy Desserts That Are Just Under $5

Summer is just around the corner, or at least in California it is. With weather like ours, it’s hard not to crave icy desserts every other day. Here’s a mouth-watering guide to all of our favorite SoCal places with the best $5 desserts.

Cauldron’s Ice Cream – Nitrogen-Made Ice Cream on a Puffle Cone

Photo by @ohibonnie (IG)

If you love Hong Kong-styled waffles, you’ll love it even more at Cauldron’s. On its own, the puffle cone is probably the best HK waffle in the area, but it tastes even better with their perfectly churned nitrogen ice cream.


Chelo Creamery – Rolled Ice Cream

Photo by @ngsharona (IG)

Chelo Creamery is the first rolled ice cream parlor in the 626. They make it right in front of you on a cold stove and scrape it off into adorable edible rolls. It’s the cutest snack and a must-have on your IG accounts.


Churned Creamery – Ice Cream Sorbet in a Croissant Bun

Photo by @cookeatlift (IG)

Don’t know what this is? This is a croissant bun with a scoop of sorbet in it. You can find it at the Union Market in Tustin as one of the market’s newest additions. Get there early to catch a fresh batch of croissants!


Eiswelt Gelato – Animal Gelato Ice Cream

These animal gelato cones are too adorable to eat and totally worth getting. Make all your friends jealous by stopping by for a scoop…or two!

Snow Monster – Ice Cream Macaron

Jugfuls of matcha and thai tea, mountainous shaved ice, and ice cream macarons, Snow Monster has everything.


Zero Degrees – Italian Sorbet

Photo by @kuyameztizo (IG)

These Italian sorbets are extra cool because you can add so many different toppings and flavors. You can’t get these anywhere else.

Pop Bar – Ice Cream Bars

Photo by @feedyourgirlfriend (IG)

Your summer can’t be complete without one of these ice cream bars. We recommend the gelato flavors for their soft and chewy texture. The best part is, they don’t melt that fast!


Snow Station – Shaved Snow

This place has the best shaved ice you’ll ever have, because it literally tastes like fresh snow. The texture here is incredibly soft; it’s the perfect dessert to cool down a hot summer night with.


Nitrolado – Foggy Nitrogen Ice Cream

This is the new “hip” thing in Southern California, but Nitrolado is stepping it up by dropping some dry ice into their ice cream. It’s a harmless effect, but makes for really awesome Snapchat videos.


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Lokistar is an aspiring journalist, YA author, and ultimate foodie who loves quirky things like frogs, bubble tea, Narnia, and anything matcha related. She likes to go out on food adventures and sleeps before midnight everyday. Her obsession with frog merchandise may seem overwhelming at first, but once you get used to the fact, you may start to see the appeal in frogs yourself. It would be interesting to get to know her. You can email her at tokyoramenhousepress.gmail.com She hopes to meet you soon!

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