Stages of Writing an Essay the Night Before It’s Due

Let’s face it: priorities are hard to handle.

Whether or not you enjoy writing essays, you have most likely left those papers unwritten until the night before it’s due. If you frequently do this, then you truly encompass the word “Procrastinator.” Essays are different from tests for obvious reasons. You can’t just study what’s already given; everything comes from your head. Essays are lengthier, and the amount of effort you put in greatly shows from the grade you receive from the teacher/professor. However, most of us have probably b.s.’d our papers and managed to get good grades — well done, lucky ones. But, the process of writing an essay under a strict time limit has affected us all. There are stages, and by the final stage, when you submit that paper online or in class, you will probably feel (and look) like you just survived an apocalypse.

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