Top 5 Hottest Anime Guys: Side Characters (Shounen/Seinen Edition)

Have you ever watched an anime and discovered that the side character was more appealing than the main character? These “hidden gemstones” tend to distract our attention from the main character and sometimes it can’t be helped: they make you drool all over your keyboard and you find a guilty pleasure in getting strangely attracted to someone who doesn’t exist in real life.  No matter, it’s a guilty pleasure you don’t have to admit as there are many others who find anime guys attractive.

*Please note that this list does not serve to speak for everyone’s opinions on hot anime guys and was created by the author solely for entertainment purposes*

1. Guren Ichinose from Owari no Seraph

He’s the new eye candy of spring 2015’s anime lineup, and wearing that military uniform already gives him bonus points for appeal. As commanding officer of the Moon Demon Company, which is a military unit who focuses on vampire extermination, he has come a long way to get to his position and carries a cursed demon weapon that is supposedly very powerful. He has ill regard toward vampires and when he slays them, he wears an expression that goes along the lines of “Why are you even alive? Let me answer that by killing you.”

As nonchalant as he appears, he does have a soft spot for the main character, Yuichiro Hyakuya, and acts as a father figure. Because of this, some people will find the “daddy” role quite the turn on. We also love a guy who’s got two ladies on either side of him as shown below.

What’s not to love about this guy? As the anime progresses, hopefully his backstory will be revealed.

2. Alberic Gillette from Hitsugi no Chaika

Here’s another man clad in military uniform who’s a knight in the Post-war Reconstruction Implementation Agency that maintains peace. He’s what a knight is: noble, chivalrous, brave, and strong. He is loved by one of his comrades, Viivi Holopainen, but he is oblivious to her feelings. His eyes are set on maintaining the peace of his kingdom and his mission, which is to stop Chaika from gathering her father’s remains because it’ll disrupt the peace and cause war. He’s also very skilled in using the long sword.

Alberic is a respected knight, even with his charming good looks. He’s probably the best there is in a knight/soldier and he’s not smitten with any girls, which helps the plot progress without any distractions. Blond hair + blue eyes are never a bad combination, especially in military attire.

3. Sinbad from Magi

Now it’s easy to argue that Sinbad is not a side character because he does have his own OVA series called Adventure of Sinbad. However, in both Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, he’s a side character who’s a powerful king, ally, and Metal Vessel wielder (which can be seen in all the jewelry he’s wearing). He’s definitely attractive not just because of his looks but because of his confidence and radiating power. It’s almost infectious but he’s friendly with anyone who isn’t trying to strip away his kingdom or hurt those he cares about.


When equipped with his Djinn, which are lifeforms similar to genies, Sinbad transforms and is given god-like powers. Each one possess a different ability but he isn’t the only one who has control over Djinns. He acquired these from dungeons and because he holds too many, he is no longer allowed in dungeons. A man who is banned from dungeons, has more than one Djinn, and smirks because he knows he’s that powerful? It sounds like the perfect king to be ruled by.

4. Diarmuid (Lancer) from Fate/Zero

A gorgeous Servant during the Holy Grail War in the Fate series, or more importantly, in the prologue before Fate/Stay Night. He’s known as Lancer but later on we discover his true identity, as it is important to keep the Servants’ identities hidden from enemies so they won’t discover their weaknesses and Noble Phantasms (which are like their special one hit K.O.s). He’s definitely the best looking Servant among the others and has a curse that’s in the form of a beauty mark under his right eye (called his “Love Spot”). Any women who lays their eyes on this love spot will automatically fall in love with him. This wouldn’t seem like a curse, but there is a story behind every kind of curse, which will not be revealed in this post.

Diarmuid is chivalrous and desires respect and honor above all else. These characteristics are what make him so attractive, as well as his looks and unique beauty mark, but the way he fights with his spears is both alluring yet fearsome.

5. Steven A. Starphase from Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

Aside from his awesome name, Steven possesses the ability to decrease his blood temperature in order to freeze his enemies. It’s quite the unusual power but he sure owns it. Not much is known about Steven, and the scar on his face has a story that is yet to be told. He’s part of the group, Libra, which are people with special abilities who battle monsters that disrupt the peace of the city and harm the lives of innocent civilians.

Clad in a business suit, Steven would seem like someone who is serious but he’s pretty laid-back. While there isn’t a lot of information on him, he’s a breath of fresh, cold air for anyone who has a thing for men with face scars and business suits.

And there you have it. The list is short and it certainly could use a few more hotties, but the characters mentioned should give you a good indication that the anime they’re from are worth watching. Maybe not for the main character per se, but for the side characters who sometimes steal the spotlight.


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