Costa Mesa’s Best French Cuisine: Marché Moderne

Located in South Coast Plaza (Orange County) Marché Moderne is an exquisite French restaurant with an exceptional five-course meal. Here is Numéro Un à Cinq (number one to five) on the menu:

According to the waiter, if you’ve never tried foie gras before, Marché Moderne is probably the best place to get your first taste. It is incredibly savory and extremely rich in flavor, perhaps even a little too much. The strawberries included compliment the foie gras surprisingly well, along with the special sea salt. The guacamole in the third course also isn’t your typical chips and guac sort of thing, and will have you scraping for every last bit of it. These are just some of the highlights of this course, but overall everything is outstanding.



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Lokistar is an aspiring journalist, YA author, and ultimate foodie who loves quirky things like frogs, bubble tea, Narnia, and anything matcha related. She likes to go out on food adventures and sleeps before midnight everyday. Her obsession with frog merchandise may seem overwhelming at first, but once you get used to the fact, you may start to see the appeal in frogs yourself. It would be interesting to get to know her. You can email her at She hopes to meet you soon!

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