47 Things All Bubble Tea Baristas Think About

1. “Excuse me can I get some napkins?” Me: *points to the pile of napkins right under their noses*

2. When you constantly have to explain cup sizes but they’re right there

3. Complaining about dairy content when we use non-dairy creamer

4.When a customer orders an Americano or any Starbucks drink

5. When a customer complains about their drink being too sweet or not sweet enough

6. And they want to change their drink in the middle of a rush

7. Having to explain what boba is

8. When you run out of boba

9. When customers don’t know how to poke the straw through the heat-sealed lid

10. When a cup leaks and you really can’t explain how the hell that happened

11. When you call out a drink and no one is there to claim it

12. When a customer watches your every move while you make their drink

13. When customers ask you “How long will it take?”

14. When there’s a rush

15. When no one comes in for thirty minutes and you start taking out your phone but a customer walks in

16. When you check the tip jar and there’s less than a dollar in there

17. When it’s five minutes until closing and a huge crowd walks in

18. When a customer tells you about their day

19. When a customer gives you a laundry list of things they want for their drink

20. Or literally a laundry list of drinks

21. And your eyes begin to grow in fear when you see a line forming behind them

22. When the customer orders extra extra boba

23. When two people are ordering something together and they both want different things

24. When someone leaves a big tip

25. When a customer leaves and inside you’re just like

26. But when you say “Have a nice day” and they don’t respond you’re like

27. When a drink doesn’t seal right

28. When the sealer breaks during a rush

29. When you deal with a customer who can barely speak English

30. When your paycheck comes…and it’s a bundle of cash

31. When you’re working with that one coworker:

The attractive one

The quiet one

The annoying one

The lazy one

The friendly one

The uptight one

The one who talks too much

The one who cleans everything

The one who doesn’t speak fluent English

The one who’s always texting in the back

The one who’s been working here too long

The trainee (a.k.a. noob)

32. When you’re too short to reach something

33. Or when you can’t lift anything heavy

34. When your friends show up and ask for a free drink or discount:

35. But sometimes you don’t want to destroy friendships either so you risk it anyway

36. When Boss is here

37. When you mess up on a drink but the customer doesn’t notice

38. But then they actually did notice

39. When you don’t get to eat during long shifts

40. When there’s a lot of extra boba

41. When you run your hands through the warm, fresh boba

42. When you have to clean the drains

43. When you run out of change on a Sunday

44. When customers know your name

45. When someone destroys the bathroom

46. When you reach that point where you can’t smile at customers anymore

47. Then when you finally get home you’re just like


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